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The Kind Worth Killing
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The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
Katarina Bivald
Into the Void
Tim Lebbon

Last Light

Last Light - Dean Koontz Except for Pogo and Bob, the characters were not interesting. I understand how hard it must be to develop characters in 90 pages. At times suspenseful, it was good.

An Old Betrayal

An Old Betrayal - Charles Finch I received this book as giveaway from Goodreads. Thanks, Goodreads! This is one of my favorite series. When you read a Charles Lenox mystery, you always feel like you are visiting old friends. We got lots of Jane, Dallington, Graham and Sophia. In this one, Charles is helping an ailing Dallington by meeting with client. He doesn't meet up with the client but through detective work, finds the client and although the client has moved on to new private investigator, Lenox and Dallington are on the case, especially when a dead body is discovered. The mystery is good. We also get a glimpse into Victorian England and a history lesson. I really loved this book. Highly recommended.

The Ghosts of Belfast

The Ghosts of Belfast - Stuart Neville This was a really good book. It is the story of Gerry Fegan. He is a hit man and he is haunted by the ghosts of 12 people that he took part in killing. He figures out that what the ghosts want is for him to kill those responsible for their deaths. Really, really good writing. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the next one.

The Life We Bury

The Life We Bury - Allen Eskens This was a really good book. It's the story of Joe Talbert, college student, who has to write a biography for his English class. He goes to a Nursing Home and meets Carl Iverson. Carl is dying of cancer. Carl is also a convicted murderer. As Joe listens to Carl's story and delves deeper into the murder and court case, Joe is starting to think that Carl is innocent. Can Joe and his neighbor Lila clear Carl before he dies? Excellent book. I had to stop reading when it got too intense. Love it. Highly recommended.

When in Doubt, Add Butter

When in Doubt, Add Butter - Beth Harbison I received this book as a giveaway from Goodreads. Thanks, Goodreads! This book was definitely not my cup of tea. I really don't like chick lit. It's the story a Gemma a 37 year old personal chef, unmarried and doesn't think she has much of prospect. She dedicates herself to her clients who are characters and made me chuckle. I could guess from the first chapter that she and Mr. Tuesday had a connection. But it was all very predictable. The dead peacock was kind of funny. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would.

The Pecan Man

The Pecan Man - Cassie Dandridge Selleck Good book. Sad.

Wings Of Fire

Wings Of Fire - Charles Todd The second in the Inspector Rutledge series. Inspector Rutledge has been sent to Cornwall away from the Ripper case. In Cornwall, he investigates the suicides of an author and her brother and the fall of another brother. Inspector Rutledge digs in and discovers the murders that had befallen the family before. Great ending. Very exciting. Love the Hamish interaction with Rutledge. Great book! Looking forward to the next one.

The Twelve

The Twelve - Justin Cronin OMG! This book was great! I loved it! I can't wait for the next one.

A Death in the Small Hours

A Death in the Small Hours - Charles Finch I love the Charles Lenox series. It's always like visiting old friends. This is one of the better ones.

A Confederacy of Dunces

A Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole I did not like this book at all.

Death of a Poison Pen

Death of a Poison Pen - M.C. Beaton Mystery was good. Hamish is on the case of two deaths that are related to poison pen letters that villagers are receiving. Priscilla's co-worker has eyes for Hamish. I enjoyed this book.


Pines - Blake Crouch Slow start -- good book.


Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell Loved it.

Cop Town

Cop Town - Karin Slaughter Wow! Great book.

The Uncommon Reader

The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett A travelling library makes its weekly stop at Buckingham Palace. The Queen borrows a book. Then she discovers the joy of reading. This book started off just okay and ended worse.

Winter of the World

Winter of the World - Ken Follett I enjoyed this book, although not as much as the first one, Fall of Giants. The characters in this book are the children of the characters from book 1. It takes place during World War II.